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About 416Pages

416Pages dedicated and professional team is serving the local GTA community since 2014.
Mission: To promote small & medium businesses (SMEs) by providing huge exposure at lowest price
and to uplift consumers by providing huge savings.

For Businesses is committed to build & expand your business

  • Promoting more than 10,000 small businesses
  • Huge Exposure; reaching to more than 200,000 consumers
  • One of the largest Print & Online Directory
  • Provide all kind of marketing services i.e. Online marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media marketing, Website Development, Targeted marketing, Location based marketing, Database Collection and much more...
  • Necessary household item and strives to include every business
  • Same and lowest price for every business $99/year and get huge exposure in :

    • 1. Online directory
    • 2. Digital Interactive Screens
    • 3. Social Media network
    • 4. Print directory

For Consumers is committed to bring savings for consumers

  • On FREE Sign up, every consumer will get Deals/Discounts :

    Just mention to our Business advertisers/associates and get discount. comparison

1 Truthful Same price for everyone. Just $99/year only Varied & high priced
2 Huge Exposure in 
just $99/year 
for all platforms
1. Online directory
2. Digital Interactive Screens
3. Social Media network 
4. Print directory
Extra charges for extra exposures
3 Valuable Necessary household item Not accountable
4 Dependable Largest Directory. Striving to include every business Targeting few businesses only
5 For Consumers Huge Savings through deals, discounts & gifts N/A
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